Let's Get Bucked Up Camo Cooler


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Let's Get Bucked Up Camo Cooler
Let's Get Bucked Up Camo Cooler

Your hunter will love this camo CanCuddler® featuring orange text "Let's Get Bucked Up".

Your CanCuddler® is hand-made in the USA in-house by us, collapsible, embroidered, and the seam sewn inside for boutique quality and a snug fit. The premium scuba is thick to keep your drink cold while keeping your hands dry.  Select your holder size to fit your favorite beverage.

Sizes available: (see photos for examples)
*Standard Can
*Slim Can Beer or Energy Drink (Slim 12 oz cans such as “Ultra”)
*Water or Soda Bottles
*8 oz “Rita” can (“Rita” or Beer 8oz, not 8.3 energy nor 7oz soda)
*Longneck Beer Bottle with Zipper
*16 oz Beer or Energy
*Tall Boy 24 oz
*Party Cup


Your CanCuddler® is hand-made at the time of order, so please allow 1-2 weeks for processing, which does not include shipping time.

Free shipping for each additional CanCuddler®

Every order of a custom CanCuddler® ships with one can size non-personalized free gift KOOZIE®

Colors on your screen and lettering placement will vary

CanCuddler® is a registered trademark of CanCuddler® Beverage Solutions
KOOZIE® is a registered trademark of Norwood Promotional Products with agreement

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