CanCuddler® is veteran family owned & operated. We are a proud sponsor of Patriots Cove, a nonprofit organization serving injured veterans, first responders and caregivers. Learn more at

About CanCuddler®

Veteran Family Owned & Operated



CanCuddler® creates custom and handmade drink holders for the slim can, such as Ultra, 8 oz cans such as Rita, water bottle holders, coffee cups, wine glasses, 24 oz tall boys, party cups, energy drinks, tumblers and longneck beer bottles. We specialize in monogram gifts, personalized gifts, cheer teams, company logo gifts, wedding and bachelorette gifts and can coolers.

We design, embroider, sew, print and fill every order in-house. Our embroidered CanCuddler® beverage holders are custom-designed using state-of-the-art software, then embroidered on high-density scuba, followed by hand-trimming and careful inspection. We guarantee that you will receive a product that is handmade with extreme attention to detail.

Our high-density scuba material means that your holder is made to last, with embroidered personalized designs that will not rub off.  All of the printing, design, and sewing for every CanCuddler® is done right here in the USA.

Our customers are part of our family; many of our ideas and design inspiration come from your support. In an effort to meet your many needs, our product lines have expanded to a large selection of sizes, designs, and patterns. 

All of our gifts are handmade for you! When you support our business, you are also helping us volunteer at our nonprofit organization, Patriots Cove.Patriots Cove is a nonprofit organization dedicated to veterans, first responders, and their caregivers. We host fishing and caregiver retreats to give these wounded and hidden patriots the care and healing they need!

Our family is passionate about helping other military veterans and spouses transition from military to civilian life. In 2017, we founded Patriots Cove, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization on our property in the mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania. The Cove provides trout fishing and healing experiences for wounded veterans and first responders. Further, we connect and empower their caregivers by providing respite care, wellness training events, and entrepreneurship seminars.

Your purchase allows our family to volunteer our time at Patriots Cove. The free KOOZIE® is simply a token of our appreciation and support for allowing us to serve those who served us.


Army Retired SFC Jeff and Melissa Swire



Jeff served our wonderful country for 24 years- I call him my Captain America because all he ever wanted and wants to do is be a soldier. His career was cut short due to injuries sustained in Iraq. After a failed neck surgery, I quickly realized that I needed to end my career and stay home to care for my hero.

With no experience in embroidery or sewing, but full of determination to earn grocery money to allow me to work from home, I opened an Etsy shop in 2013. 

I never imagined that would end up saving Jeff’s life, literally. His first surgery caused serious issues that I was able to monitor and advocate for his care. If not for CanCuddler®, my hero would likely not be here today. Though he faces daily physical and emotional struggles just as all of our wounded warriors, now he partners with me in the creation of our designs, printing our fabric and shipping our orders.
To keep CanCuddler® a family business, our daughter joined our company to help with our digital marketing and product development. She manages the online store and social media. She is also responsible for product research and develops new product lines. 

We are passionate about helping other military veterans and spouses. The need for spouses to have a mobile career or be a caregiver is huge and unnoticed. To that end, we volunteer with American Dream U, and are Co-Chairs of the Veteran’s Entrepreneurship Initiative of Northeast Pennsylvania. Jeff founded Patriots Cove; a retreat on our property to serve veterans and first responders with an amazing trout fishing experience.

Your purchase of this CanCuddler® supports our veteran owned and operated business, as well as the non-profit organizations that we serve. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.                



Proud Sponsor of Patriots Cove



Patriots Cove is a native brook trout sanctuary located in the mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania, and was created by retired Army Sergeant First Class Jeff Swire and his  dedicated wife and daughter. It was established to protect a threatened fish species, as well as to provide veterans and first responders injured in the line of duty a tranquil place to enjoy a great day of fishing. Patriots Cove, a program of Hunts For Healing, a 501(c)3 charity, provides an improved access stream-side fishing experience with hopes of expanding to include resources and retreats for veterans' caregivers.

Jeff founded Patriots Cove when searching for his own way of healing and transitioning into civilian life after his military career. Together, Jeff and Melissa use their experiences to help inspire other veterans and their spouses dealing with life after the military including transitions, entrepreneurship and healing by faith and perseverance.

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Getting in Touch


Please feel free to contact us if there is something that you would like to see added to our growing catalog. In addition to individual orders, we also cater to weddings, businesses, fundraisers, and teams.

Thank you so much for your patronage, kindness, and wonderful feedback. Nothing brings us greater joy than a happy customer!  Thank you for visiting our shop!

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Melissa, Jeff and Kaitlyn